Chance Of Rain

Urban Arts & Music Festival | Sep 28 - Oct 02 | Seattle, WA




Sunday October, 2nd - DJing for The B̶r̶e̶a̶k̶fa̶s̶t "Brunch" Club & Shameless at the Monkey Loft   |   FB Event Page & no pre-sale tickets (FREE with festival pass)


Founder of Shameless Productions and co founder of Shameless Audio, Recess has had a long illustrious tenure in the underground music scene of Seattle. His dance floor oriented DJ sets often reflect Shameless' aesthetic by focusing on forward thinking music while cherishing the gems of the past. About 5+ years ago he began a yoga practice which has continued on today. His eclectic interest in music and desire to bring yoga to the dance music community led to DJing the first Yo Yo Yoga event at the Electric Tea Garden with many more to follow.

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2016 | Chance of Rain | Seattle, WA