Chance Of Rain

Urban Arts & Music Festival | Sep 28 - Oct 02 | Seattle, WA

Michael Serafini



Saturday October, 1st - DJing for The Institution at the Big Building   |   FB Event Page & Tickets


Michael Serafini is an essential part of Chicago’s dance music scene. He’s the owner of Gramaphone Records, one of the city’s key vinyl institutions, and a consummate DJ. He started out mixing music video clips in a bar during the halcyon days of MTV before moving onto vinyl.

He scored a job at Gramaphone, where he worked alongside the likes of Derrick Carter, Ralphi Rosario and DJ Sneak. Almost ten years back he took ownership of the shop, which continues to be a must-visit spot for locals and touring DJs alike.

These days he juggles the responsibilities of running Gramaphone (and its in-house record label) with his Sunday night Queen party at Smart Bar and his own endeavors as a deejay.

With a Smart Bar residency of over 10 years under his belt, Serafini spent many of those playing alongside the late, great Frankie Knuckles and of course, close friend Derrick Carter.

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2016 | Chance of Rain | Seattle, WA