Chance Of Rain

Urban Arts & Music Festival | Sep 28 - Oct 02 | Seattle, WA




Saturday October, 1st - DJing for BNRY & Grounded  at the Rebar   |   FB Event Page & Tickets


Kinjo [Keen Joh] - Tech/Deep beats lover, party animal and graphic designer. Through dance floors and festivals, still searching for the perfect sound. Through different genres and styles, music is life.

The desire to play music to friends and acquaintances brings you from the dance floor to the DJ booth. The desire to see and hear how they respond to music, keeps you in the booth.

Kristijan (Kinjo) decided to present new electronic sounds since his teen years. First at small private parties, then clubs and festivals. Currently he is most suited for deep and melodic sounds.

Now based in Seattle, WA - Kinjo is exploring the northwest music scene and running a monthly residency called GROUNDED at Re-Bar along with fellow Miles Mercer.

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2016 | Chance of Rain | Seattle, WA