Chance Of Rain

Urban Arts & Music Festival | Sep 28 - Oct 02 | Seattle, WA

Joey Webb

joey webb


Sunday October, 2nd - DJing for The B̶r̶e̶a̶k̶fa̶s̶t "Brunch" Club & Shameless at the Monkey Loft   |   FB Event Page & no pre-sale tickets (FREE with festival pass)


For 16 years Joey has played a wide-range of big sound clubs as well as other venues scattered throughout California, Texas, Washington and New York. As a regular guest at San Francisco’s staple soulful/funky house events Devotion and Remedy in the early to late 2000's and more recently in the Seattle house scene, Joey has stretched his persona and positive vibe to prove his charisma as a performer. He is just as vibrant as the diverse collection of music he brings with him to every gig.

These days Joey calls Seattle home where he has had numerous guest appearances at Seattle's own Flammable at Rebar, The Woods on Capitol Hill and various events at Monkey Loft. He has also played big profile gigs at the Seattle Art Museum for the SAMRemix , NYE at Swedish Cultural Center in Queen Ann and the Fremont Solstic Fair.  More recently he has dabble in funk and soul with his new night JIVE at Substation in Ballard.

Living in Seattle for over 5 years Joey Webb is now a staple in the Seattle house and funk music scene, and there is more to come. Stay tuned .



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2016 | Chance of Rain | Seattle, WA