Chance Of Rain

Urban Arts & Music Festival | Sep 28 - Oct 02 | Seattle, WA

Big Phone



Thursday September, 29th - live for Peloton & Pacific Waves at the Rebar   |   FB Event Page & Tickets


Seattle’s Big Phone takes listeners on heady excursions through psychedelic techno jaunts that squeeze in elements of dub techno and IDM. His tunes are slow burning anthems that are lengthy but never boring, with the chief ingredients being melodic and structural elements that are based on generative sequencing, which means his tunes progress and morph in engaging and unanticipated ways.

Big Phone has been releasing his distinct brand of tripped out techno since 2013, with releases on noteworthy Seattle labels including Peloton Musique and Knightriders. As of late, he’s been honing in on his live sets, with a recent performance opening up for techno/electro artist Erika, alongside fellow Seattle-based experimental artist Raica.

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2016 | Chance of Rain | Seattle, WA